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Customized individual tutorials address student’s unique academic abilities focussing on strengths while remediating areas of need.

All programs are customized for each individual student using a diverse selection of resources. Lessons are structured, sequential and cumulative so that mastery is achieved. Programs are designed for every type of learner; auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  I believe in the power of words and use only positive affirming language creating a stress-free and peaceful environment. Children are able to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to help them meet their full potential and thrive.

Academic enrichment and remedial programs are tailored to match each child's personal skill set.

A friendly and informal intake process identifies each student’s academic strengths and areas of need.



Early Reading Skills for Emerging Readers

  • decoding letters and sounds
  • phonemic awareness
  • vocabulary and spelling
  • fluency and accuracy


Direct Instruction for struggling readers

  • explicit phonetic instruction
  • decoding words and stories
  • reasoning and comprehension
  • reading fluency



Early Written Language skills

  • words to sentences
  • spelling and grammar
  • organization and accuracy


Direct Instruction of the writing process

  • sentences, paragraphs and exposition
  • spelling, vocabulary building and grammar
  • mind-mapping, organization and editing



Success in Mathematics depends fully on having all pre-requisite skills mastered.  Each session will provide opportunities for consolidating mathematical skills and concepts to ensure a clear understanding of newly introduced curriculum.  Success is built into each tutorial so students develop self-confidence and hopefully a love of math!




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