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Raegan Hornby has worked successfully for over thirty years teaching, counselling, advocating, and consulting. She has developed enrichment and remedial programs in all subject areas and has worked in both public and private school settings educating children, mentoring parents and training teachers. She has written Mathematics curriculum for the popular JUMP Math organization and has developed Special Education Remedial Literacy programs for a number of private elementary schools in Toronto. Raegan is a certified Special Education and Mathematics Teacher, Education Consultant and Reading Clinician.

As the owner and founder of Empowered Kids and Raegan's Reading Clinic in Essex County and Founder of Appletree Learning Centre (appletree-learning.ca) in Toronto, Raegan strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment that recognizes every child’s individual gifts and strengths. Her many years of research plus extensive training and experience in the fields of Special Education, Reading Instruction and Mathematics have given her the skills necessary to develop an exceptionally effective teaching methodology that matches the spirit and creativity of each her students while addressing their diverse needs and learning styles. Raegan is passionate about educating children and facilitating their success. She has devoted her life to empowering children and their families.




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